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RX-2505DC Virtual Power Plant


The offgrid system is an a simple approch to living off the grid. Designed to be flexible and future proof with the added features for generator, wind and biogen inputs.


At Redx, we understand that not one size fits all customers, which is why we designed the versatile system. This Australian designed hybrid product is a flexible solution that is ideal for a variety of energy storage needs.

This high-volume yet, the low-cost solution is perfect for any conscious consumer who wants to reduce their power bills and provide reliable backup for when the grid goes out.


System Benefits


  • All in One Design – Save thousands of installation cost
  • Futureproof: start small and more batteries later as your needs grow, and your budget allows. Integrate new tech as it becomes available
  • Power Independence – Total Off grid Options Small – Medium – Large
  • Auto Start Generator Input
  • Wind input
  • Biogen input 
  • 1 phase or 3 Phase Option
  • Fully flexible battery configuration 


Advantages Input

With Technology constantly changing with have designed for the future in hand. Generator and wind inputs as standard.


Choice of battery sizes from 0 to 100kWh high quality LG lithium-ion battery modules. Can install with solar panels only and upgrade to batteries later.

Low Maintenance

Powder coated aluminium and steel enclosure. Set and forget operation with online maintenance.

High Quality

Fully engineered, factory assembled and tested in Australia. High quality components used with weatherproof enclosure. Australian Standards compliant.

Remote Monitoring

Fitted with 4G monitoring, this system can track performance and asset management 

Easy Installation

Developed for easy and quick installation – minimal onsite preparation. Plug and play connection 

Warranty & Support

Redx’s systems use high quality components and are backed by up to 10 years’ replacement warranty. Technical support is provided from Redx local support team based in QLD.