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Research & Development

“leading the industry in Power Conversion Technology”

Over the last 5 years Redx Technology has been working towards improving their designs and understanding their market applications.

Working with industry partners to understand the market and the current problems, Redx is leading the research and development of the renewable energy sectors and excited with the products planned for the market.

All concepts, design, engineering and final testing is being conducted out of our laboratory and Head Office based in QLD.

REDX specialises in power conversion technologies

  • Ultra high efficiency DC-AC Inverter topologies
  • Ultra high efficiency DC-DC converter topologies
  • Low voltage and very high current DC-DC converter topologies
  • DSP Control Algorithm and control software
  • Advanced battery management systems
  • Cloud based EMS systems
  • Paralleled Battery Systems



Lead by Jonathan Chen, a highly trained US power electronics expert with over 40 years product design experiences in US, Europe and Asia.

Dr. Grace Chu, over 10 years experiences in power electronics hardware designs and simulations.

Dr. Ivan Yu, over 5 years experiences in specialties of power electronics DSP controls and software algorithms.

Other team members are in PCB designs, mechanical designs, testing engineering and product design for mass production.

Bidirectional Single Stage Buck-Boost Converter

  • Achieved ultra high efficiency: 98.46%
  • Bidirectional energy flow
  • Low No load power consumption: 8W @ 2500W module
  • No series resonant inductor
  • Fixed frequency
  • Low EMI due to sine wave current
  • Isolated from +48V to 400V
  • Input reverse protection
  • Lighting protecting

USA & Worldwide Patent Pending


  • A few things in this worlds first
  • Using conventional MOSFETs to achive 99% efficiency
  • FWS Inverter topology achieved soft switching
  • Non-series structure to achieve bidirectional energy flow

1500 FWS Inverter Achived 99% Efficiency!
USA & Worldwide Patents Pending

High Power DC-DC Converter

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