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Virtual Power Plant System

Control your virtual grid with Redx
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The embedded Virtual Power Plant system is a cloud based command and control platform that connects with specifically designed energy management devices that collect energy and asset data and enable commands to be sent between the distributed energy assets and the control centre platform.

Our Virtual Power Plants control centre platform is integrated with real-time weather and energy market data providing a framework for intelligent management of energy flows and VPP performance.

When there is an opportunity to sell your energy at higher rates than your feed in tariff, we will draw the energy from your system, making your more money.

Redx Virtual Power Plant System 

The virtual Power Plant system is an Australian made outdoor-rated, installation friendly designed system that answers the demands of Virtual Power Plants operators.


“Redx Proprietary Patented Inverter technology is designed to increase ROI”

Redx Virtual Power Plant 

At Redx, we understand the importance for our clients to receive the best option possible for their VPP needs. Unlike many systems on the market today that are from multiple vendors products combined together, Redx has developed an all in one approach incorporating Redx Technology inverter.

This VPP model inverter has been specifically designed, engineered and made in Australia for this very application. As the VPP model is becoming more attractive for businesses to become involved in, one major factor is overcoming the financial hurdle of the initial hardware cost.

Redx have designed their system fully integrated with software for AMEO metering, asset management capabilities, and included an extended warranties.

All together Redx believes that this system is the best ROI system on the market.

System Features


Choice of battery sizes from 4.8 to 14.4kWh high quality  lithium-ion battery modules.

Low Maintenance

Powder coated aluminium and steel enclosure. Set and forget operation with online maintenance.

High Quality

Fully engineered, factory assembled and tested in Australia. High quality components used with weatherproof enclosure. Australian Standards compliant.

Asset Monitoring

Every system is fitted with full VPP ready software, 4G supported device which allows fast real-time data monitoring, 24/7 performance monitoring, AI market predictions, and keep an eye on asset management of all systems installed.

Easy Installation

Developed for easy and quick installation – minimal onsite preparation. Plug and play connection.

Warranty & Support

Redx’s systems use high quality components and are backed by up to 10 years’ replacement warranty. Technical support is provided from Redx local support team based in QLD.  




The Redx team is led by CEO and CTO Jonathan Chen, a highly trained US power

electronics expert with over 40 years product design experiences in US, Europe and Asia.

Redx continues to expand on the their research and development projects

in Australia with new concepts and game changing technology.   


Over the past 5 years Redx has developed game changing technologies in: 


DC-DC Inverter 

Hybrid Inverter 

Virtual Power Plant all in one system 

Smart Energy Meter 



Specialising in power conversion technology

is what makes REDX unique.  

Specialised Technologies are:

  • Ultra high efficiency DC-AC Inverter topologies
  • Ultra high efficiency DC-DC converter topologies
  • Low voltage and very high current DC-DC converter topologies
  • DSP Control Algorithm and control software
  • Advanced battery management systems
  • Cloud based EMS systems
  • Paralleled Battery Systems

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We understand that not all products and materials can be sourced from Australia,

however we are striving to promote Australia first by supporting:

  • Australian Research and Development Team
  • Australian Patented Technology
  • Australian Designed Inverters and Battery Storage
  • Australian Engineering
  • Australian Assembly
  • Australian Backed 100%



About Us 

We are an expanding technology company who create innovative technologies in the renewable energy and power conversion sectors including Inverters, battery storage systems, EV chargers, smart meters for use in residential, commercial and industrial and applications.

With over 100 years of engineering experience behind our executive team, Redx continues to innovate new products for the renewable energy market while providing solution based designs for our clients. 

Our Australian R&D team are based in our research centre on the Gold Coast developing the most cost effective and efficient Inverters and battery storage systems for Australian homes and businesses. 

With the right team behind us we are on our way to building the next generation of all in one systems for use in the virtual power plant market which incorporates Inverter + Battery + embedded software designed exclusively for this market application.


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